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We publish the following:

Directory listings

Basic information about all of the old prisons and jails that we can confirm still exist is published in our directory. The criteria for listing in the directory is that there must be at least a publicly-accessible or visible ruin with a marker where an old prison or jail exists and whenever possible we include a link to a website with information about visiting, if this is allowed. Our criteria for “old” is somewhat fluid, but generally would be facilities that are at least 75 years old. If an old prison or jail is still in use, but does not offer tours or other types of public access, we may include it in the directory with a note to that effect and also link(s), where possible, to resources providing more information about noteworthy historical significance.


Articles (with photographs) in the following categories:

  1. Attractions Articles about attractions related to old or former prisons and jails.
  2. Back Story Articles providing historical context for specific old prisons or jails.
  3. Film Articles related to film (motion pictures, television, video) with settings in old or former prisons or jails or using such sites for filming.
  4. Gone but Not Forgotten Photos (with short articles) of old prisons and jails that have been demolished.
  5. Hauntings Articles related to beliefs that old or former prisons and jails are haunted and the people and organizations who are interested in this phenomena, including paranormal tours.
  6. History Museums Articles about old prisons and jails turned into museums focused on local history including that of the former prison or jail, or entirely focused on the history of the old prison or jail.
  7. Miscellany Articles related to old or former prisons and jails that aren’t a good fit for other categories, including links to previously published books and articles (in print or on other websites).
  8. News Articles on topics related to old or former prisons and jails, including publication of related books and articles (in print or on other websites).
  9. Old Prison Tourism Articles on the subject of heritage or cultural tourism specifically related to old prisons and jails (as opposed to Tours, see below).
  10. Opinion Opinion pieces about anything related to the subject matter covered by OldPrisons.com.
  11. People Articles about people with some involvement with old or former prisons and jails.
  12. Preservation Articles about efforts, projects or techniques used to preserve old prisons, jails or related artifacts and documents.
  13. Repurposed Articles about former prisons and jails that have been repurposed in some other way including museums that are not specifically history museums, visitor centers, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, or for some other commercial or public use.
  14. Research Articles about research on the topic of prison tourism or related subjects.
  15. Tours Articles about tours (other than paranormal – see Hauntings, above) available at old prisons and jails.



  • We publish updates to our Directory and Hauntings, Miscellany, News and Tours categories on an ongoing basis, so no particular deadlines apply; submissions will be reviewed as they are received.
  • We publish articles in other categories as part of our monthly OldPrisons Magazine, published on or about the first day of each month. The deadline for submissions in these categories is the 10th of each month for the following month; we prefer to receive queries no later than 45 days prior to the publication date, but will consider later queries.


We welcome submissions of information for directory listings, photographs, and articles. To suggest an article, or provide information and/or photographs for listings, please send email to: claudia.elliott@oldprisons.com.

Press releases

We welcome press releases from attractions and organizations, as well as submissions of articles for consideration, including opinion pieces. Please send by email to: claudia.elliott@oldprisons.com

Professional writers

Journalists and other professional writers (including scholars) interested in submitting work to be considered for publication in one of our categories are asked to send a query by email to: claudia.elliott@oldprisons.com. Please include the following in your subject line: “QUERY,” and in the body of your email specify the category or categories you believe your proposed article best fits. 

Also, please note:

  1. We reserve the right to edit all work published on OldPrisons.com; we publish in American English and do our best to follow Associated Press style.
  2. Word length: We like tightly-written articles that get to the point. Depending upon the complexity of the topic, we prefer articles of 300, 500 and 700 words. A feature article with greater complexity, we might run between 1000 and 1500 words. We require at least one photo or illustration with all articles. Captions and attributions/permissions are required for all photos and illustrations.
  3. We do not offer payment for opinion pieces, but will include a link to a website for the author or affiliated organization.
  4. Articles about research or scholarly publications related to old prison tourism or specific sites must be written for a reading level that can be enjoyed by the average person (recommend sixth to ninth grade, U.S.) or comparable. We generally will not pay for these articles, but a link to a journal or other location where a related scholarly article has been published can be included, as long as the article itself provides substance for the reader, especially if the scholarly article is published behind a pay-wall.
  5. We generally will not pay to publish reworked articles that have appeared elsewhere, but will consider them for publication and provide a link to the original article or blog post, as well as recognition for the author as a contributor, with link.
  6. At this time we are unable to purchase work from non-U.S. residents because of the complexity of tax withholding and reporting. We do welcome unpaid submissions in English from all over the world.
  7. For writers who are U.S. residents, payment may be offered, by contract, for original articles that have not been published elsewhere at between $15 and $50, U.S., including photographs. An IRS Form W-9 will be required. When we purchase rights to publish work, the author/photographer retains copyright, but we ask for exclusive first rights, no subsequent publication within 30 days of our first publication date, and a nonexclusive worldwide perpetual license to reuse the material in any form. Payment will be made within 14 calendar days following publication with publication defined as the date the article is first posted on our website. Unless other arrangements are made at the time a contract is issued, payment will be via PayPal following invoice from the writer. 
  8. We reserve the right to place appropriate affiliate links within articles, as the potential of income from affiliates is part of the way we fund OldPrisons.com. Authors may not include their own affiliate links within articles published on our website.

Original content

We use Copyscape.com and Grammarly.com as aids to ensure that content published on OldPrisons.com is original. With that said, we sometimes use portions of previously-published material (particularly news items), with permission.


If you have a concern about anything published in our directory or articles we have published, please reach out by emailing us at: admin@oldprisons.com.

Effective as of January 31, 2020