With “stay-at-home” orders in many places, lots of people likened the month of April 2020 to “doing time.” Old Prisons photo

You probably spent the month of April 2020 like many people around the world — at home under government orders as efforts to contain the coronavirus continued around the world.

I heard many references from friends that they were frustrated by feeling they were “in prison.” And while there are similarities to the loss of freedom we’ve experienced due to the virus, most people’s homes aren’t nearly as confining as prison and jail cells.

Still, COVID-19 has come with many challenges and we’re not through with it yet.

For Old Prisons Magazine, the primary difficulty has been reaching people to confirm information or secure permission to use photos.

Because of this, stories for the May edition won’t all be published on the first of May. Instead, I plan to publish at least one new article or directory listing each weekday of the month.

Stay safe — and thanks for reading!

— Claudia Elliott, Editor